Company Profile

The company was established in the early 1950s by our father and over the next few years the company has evolved into what it is today – BIDINI spa, SHOES & FOOTWEAR DESIGN AND DISTRIBUTION .

Our headquarters are in Arezzo, Italy, located just off the ring road from the motorway,  and we have about 4000 square metres of floorspace with a showroom for our footwear products.

The company is managed by the brothers Enzo, Aurelio And Alberto, who are the managing directors, and thanks to the enthusiasm of their children and staff they continue to develop new markets and innovative styling.

The company philosophy can be summed up as innovation, attention to development and original styling, as well as enhancing the Made in Italy brand. These objectives are accompanied by the continuous search for quality and practicality which places Bidini spa in an interesting context for distribution.


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